ammado is a unique donation platform offering online fundraising and donation services to non-profits and companies.

Facilitating donations in 80 currencies, 20 payment methods and 12 languages, ammado is the first ever truly global donation platform.

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Donation Widget

The Donation Widget accepts donations in 80 currencies, 12 languages and many different payment methods, embedded into any website.


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Disaster Appeals

Launch a global tax-efficiant fundraising campaign in minutes


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Fundraising Events

A slick web landing page managing and hosting your global P2P fundraising campaign.


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Donation Gift Cards

A meaningful gift as business incentive or reward and personal gift


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Nonprofits, Companies, Individuals

use ammado's fundraising tools embedded into their own online environment: Webpages, Intranets, Blogs, Facebook

Donations on Facebook

The ammado donation tool can also be placed on Facebook pages and drive donations virally


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Donation Matching

Eliminating the pain of companies matching donations internationally with automated matching.


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Corporate Wellness

Boosting Corporate Wellness programs with charitable incentives.


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